Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tony Blair vs. Christopher Hitchens

Atheist, Christopher Hitchens and former British prime minister Tony Blair duked it out Friday in a debate on whether religion is good or bad for the world.

First of all, if it were possible for God not to exist then that would mean that religion is a mere social convention, a product of evolution. If religion is a source of evil, then it only reflects human character; therefore Hitchen's argument is misfounded. His argument should be against humanity. The various secret societies and political parties involved in world affairs throughout the ages can attest to this, including the rise of Hitler. I don't know anything about the Catholic Church and it's reaction to AIDS, as was brought up by Hitchens, but I do know that it is Christians who are in Africa helping them. I also know that people continue to die in Africa from malaria, as the result of left-wing political activism.

I would also like to point out that prior to the advent of Jesus, it was the conqueror who was the hero of the day. Crucifixion was no glamorous tribute to have on one's epitaph. Sacrifice for name's sake was one thing, but when Jesus cried, "Father forgive them," he was speaking a foreign language. The end result however, is that the heroes of our day are not conquerors but those who sacrifice for the sake of others. Consequently, Hitchens is literally borrowing from the Christian worldview as he argues against the evil acts committed in the name of religion.

Ultimately, the problem with secular humanism (the atheist religion) is that it assumes that man is basically good, when in fact man is fallen in nature. The only hope for humanity is the redemption that is found in Jesus, the Christ. This is why most of us who claim the title Christian baulk at calling it religion. For those of us who have been changed, it is the very real power of God. No superstition, no religious tradition, rather, it is an encounter.

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