Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jesus and Culture - Dallas Willard

Dallas Willard has a 12 part video series, Divine Conspiracy, available to watch here. Dallas Willard is an important Christian thinker and serves as professor at UCLA.

Rescuing the Mind from Post-Modernism

In The Gospel and the Mind, Bradley Green explains how "There is an inseparable relationship between the reality of the gospel and the cultivation of the intellectual life. When the gospel ceases to permeate and influence a given culture, we often see a confused understanding of the possibility of knowledge and the meaning of our thoughts. Ultimately, where the gospel is not holding sway, it should not surprise us to see the subtle or not so subtle disintegration of, or rejection of, meaningful intellectual engagement." 

Green argues "that the Christian vision of God, man and the world provides the most meaningful and coherent presuppositional framework for the intellectual life."

p. 19, 20

Dallas Willard has an excellent lecture on the subject of the university and the mind that he gave at UCLA. You can download it here. The Q and A can be found here